Weight Machine Advantages / Disadvantages

If you are seriously interested in your training program, invest in a body weight machine scanner , the way to go. Dumbbells and weight machine in kg Both have their place and their advantages / disadvantages.


One of the biggest advantages of a weight machine is the warranty provided by the user. Often when working with free weights, you must have an “observer” with you during the workout to avoid injuries at the site of muscle failure during exercise. A machine weight, on the other hand, does not require the use of an observer during the workout.

There are many types of power tools for private and professional use, including bench presses, breast flying, lat leg press, biceps curl and multi-transfer machines to incorporate more of the above types in a system practice.

Bank pressing machine simulates the movements of the style of the traditional press without weight and is directed primarily to the chest and triceps. This is one of the easiest types of exercises to help with injuries with free weights, which is why this is also one of the most common types of power devices.

Flying the breast machine also focuses on the chest, but the weight away to push, the user can a machine breast fly sitting on the seat, while gripping the handles on each side in chest height above. Then use the chest muscle / chest hands and arms to connect in a tight movement. This movement is very effective on the muscles of the chest.

The Lat Pulldown menu is to simulate the same movements and muscle orientation is achieved by a pull-up without the requirement that the user can lift the weight of the entire body. When a lathe machine is used, the user sits as a rule in front of the machine and a gripper rod rests over the head. Then pull the groin down at the chest and / or back of the neck. This exercise is mainly aimed at the back muscles or “lats” on goal also biceps

Biceps curl machine goes biceps just like the name suggests. It simulates the same motion would occur if the user has free weights and wind.

The feet of the press machine is another machine that provides a greater amount of safety to the user when free weights are used. When a presser legs is used, the user is usually or down and places the feet on a pillow or a plate.

The user then pushes the disk to him or her working leg (especially quadriceps). For the same movement with free weights, the individual weights should be placed on the shoulders and stand up, which could lead to injuries when too much weight is used.

For the home use, having multiple gym stations is the most common because it requires much less space for each exercise a separate machine than with. Most multi-station fitness studios are designed to allow the user to do a series of exercises while maintaining a relatively low global presence.


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